Christmas Pudding

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I love Christmas Pudding! This one is a bit different though. It’s grain, nut, dairy and refined sugar free, and it doesn’t contain any dried fruit. It has no fillers, no chemicals, this is simply a nice subtle flavour that … Continued

Grain & Nut Free Flour Blend

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I’ve had a few people ask about nut-free for school.  Nut blends can be expensive and make it easy to overdo your daily allowance with many people unaware that we should only be eating a handful of nuts per day. If … Continued

Grain Free Jam Drops

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I love writing. But when it comes to recipes I like to cut to the chase, I know you came here to bake not to read a novel… Here’s a few snapshots of how this went down. After I mixed … Continued

Honey & Vanilla Cupcakes

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These beautiful grain free cakes are super quick for lunch boxes or a plate for morning tea.  They’re subtly sweet with natural sugars. I won’t bore you with details, the recipe is a quick stir and bake but you will … Continued

Grain Free Flour Blend

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Wheat isn’t the only grain available. If you suffer from headaches, fatigue, brain fog or just can’t lose that spare tyre around your middle then take the 6 weeks NO wheat challenge and see how much better you feel.   … Continued

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