Thyroid Disease – Guess What? It’s Not About the Thyroid!

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I’ve been consulting with clients for about two years now. And, I’m noticing a common thread. Sickness and disease is a cycle, a wheel that spins, it spins faster and faster until it comes loose and crashes. To get to the root cause of an autoimmune disease is just a matter of where to grab that wheel, but ultimately, all diseases come from the same place in the centre of the wheel and, it’s not what you think!

I read a study recently on JAMA Network called Trends in Infectious Disease Mortality in the United States During the 20th Century. Which states:“The “theory of epidemiologic transition” attributes these trends to the transition from an “age of pestilence and famine,” in which the mortality pattern was dominated by high rates of infectious disease deaths, especially in the young, to the current “age of degenerative and man-made diseases” in which mortality from chronic diseases predominates.”

That got me thinking! Man Made Diseases!

This article is about the Thyroid. So let’s go there. What is a thyroid and what does it do?

The Thyroid produces two main things, the hormones Triiodothyronine T3 and Thyroxine T4. What do 3 and 4 mean? 3 means 3 molecules of iodine and 4 means 4 molecules of iodine. This is too simple.

The T4 is bound to a carrying protein called the Thyroxine Binding Globulin (TBG), which simply means that the thyroid produces T3 and T4 and the globulin (protein) carries them to the cells, or to the liver and organ system.

The thing that tells the thyroid to work is the pituitary. The pituitary is located up in the brain and it releases a hormone called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) which tells the thyroid to begin producing T3 and T4 which then binds to the TBG to be carried out into the body.

In lab tests they test to see if the pituitary is functioning correctly. If TSH is high and thyroid function is low, that just means that the pituitary is screaming at the thyroid to get to work! But the thyroid is not functioning, so it’s assumed that there’s either nutritional deficiencies, or, you get diagnosed with hypothyroid. However, if T3 and T4 are up and TSH is down, that means that the brain is saying “we’ve got enough, don’t make any more” but the thyroid isn’t listening and keeps producing it, then you’ll get diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and your doctor will most likely want to radiate it or remove it!

Welcome to the dark age of medicine! The ‘we don’t need that, so we can just cut it out and toss it away’ mentality. It breaks my heart that we think we don’t need all of our nuts, bolts and screws to hold us together.

The common thread that I mentioned earlier, is cortisol, the stress hormone. It actually binds to and decreases TSH. A real doctor (in the future) will look at these blood tests and say, this is high, this is low, he’s going to look for his book that tells him what he’s supposed to do, he’s going to approach people with respect and say something like, estrogen can bind to that thyroid binding globulin, if estrogen is high, that means we’re not going to get it in the blood stream. This means that excess estrogen could be the cause of a low functioning thyroid on a blood test.

On the other hand, cortisol decreases secretions of TSH coming from the pituitary. So the results could be from a stressful environment and excess estrogen.

So a real doctor (in the future) is going to look at these tests, and not refer to some silly little guidebook that says radiate the thyroid, or worse, remove it, instead, he will look at it as an intelligent response from the body. You see, hypo and hyper is an intelligent response from the body. A cancerous tumour is an intelligent response from the body, it’s a tough concept for some people to understand because they are disconnected from their body and no longer hear it’s cries for help.

Stress is responsible for over 80% of all doctors visits. Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Stress it doesn’t matter, the body responds exactly the same way to all three. Your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, cortisol and all stress hormones will go up. Gut blood supply, immune system, body regeneration, will go down, TSH will decrease resulting in low thyroid function.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hit by a bus, you’re frustrated with life, or if your’re being chemically assaulted by toxic food and water, your body will respond the same way. It’s going to respond the same way as if you were being chased by a lion.

Oh wait, so when TSH goes down, stress hormones go up! This would have to be one of the most exciting things I have ever heard!

What if? Your thyroid problems are related to stress? If you’re under stress long term, what are you going to be mis-diagnosed with? High blood pressure, high cholesterol, low functioning thyroid, excess estrogen, weakened immune system and chronic digestive complaints, can you see how all of this ties together?

Medicine has actually known about this connection since 1936 when scientist Hans Selye (1907 – 1982) developed a General Adaptation Syndrome showing the three phases of stress and how it is a major cause of disease, because chronic stress causes long-term chemical changes. This is brilliant! If the medical world had of embraced this 80 years ago we would have a much healthier population today.

Let’s look a bit closer at the stress connection:

Alarm Stage: being chased by a lion, this is a normal common response to keep you alive in the short term, it produces stress hormones, to get a lot of energy out into the blood stream so that you can survive, say, jump out of the way of a bus coming right at you. Under this alarm stage, the stress response remains high, all the repair functions are going to be decreased. Remember the doctor I told you about, the one from back in 2019, who only tested TSH – T3 – T4, he isn’t asking the question, what tells the pituitary to secrete the TSH in the first place? The hypothalamus! You see, the body works as a team where individual systems rely on other parts of the body to do their job, it’s amazing!

This is great! Another part of the brain has got sensors that lead into the body, its sensors check for T3 and T4, so if T4 is high it’s going to relax and chill out.

Here’s a tough one, have you heard of a thyroid hormone called Thyroxine? Doctors hand these out like lollies. They say it’s a thyroid hormone, but it’s not. It’s actually only T4. So here’s the thing, if you’re given a thyroid supplement, the hypothalamus that’s supposed to tell the pituitary that tells the thyroid to work, if you’re taking a supplement then it thinks that your thyroid is working okay, so it’s not going to tell the pituitary anything.

Remember, T3 has 3 molecules and T4 has 4 molecules of iodine, well T3 is the real active version! T3 is the one that does the work! T4 just kind of hangs out, so you’ve got to have that conversion from T4 to T3 to create a normal metabolic process. So Hans Selye goes in and says that under that first stress response the hypothalamus is affected, in fact, they call it the HPA Axis, Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenals. This means if you have something going on with your hypothalamus, (and you’re not going to have a problem with these two unless there’s a problem with the adrenals), then you will most likely have, high blood pressure, damaged blood vessels, increased risk of stroke, ulcers, high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes.

Tell me, how many doctors (in 2019) would tell a patient who has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, ‘well, I believe you’re in a stressful state, and this is causing cortisol to be secreted, which is decreasing the blood supply to your gut and shifting you from a healthy metabolic response from the thyroid, to a cortisol mediated metabolism that is causing an elevation in blood sugar” – NONE! That would be a really intelligent statement that makes sense, but instead, let’s not be talking common sense now! Instead he says ‘your blood sugar is high, here’s a prescription medication to bring it down’…

Type 2 diabetes, which is 95% of all diabetics, when they take that drug it lowers their glucose, it does nothing to lower insulin. Well guess what does the damage? What kills the brain? What kills the kidneys? INSULIN. And the drugs used to treat it make you think your blood pressure and blood sugar are okay, but they’re not, they’re actually causing damage to other parts of the body.

We knew this in 1936. Hans Selye told us! We knew that high blood pressure, high blood sugar and strokes were related to stress. So how does giving a drug to bring down glucose help with the stress in a persons life? It doesn’t. In fact, it’s actually quite stupid really.

Have you ever watched Animal Kingdom on TV? Picture a gazelle being chased by a lion, if the gazelle doesn’t stumble and fall, he lives because he can out run the lion. If the gazelle stumbles and falls he becomes the lions dinner. I love lions, but I was cheering for the gazelle!

What do you think was going on with the gazelle? Was his heart rate elevated? Was his cortisol elevated? ABSOLUTELY! He had his afterburners on for sure because he needed that excess energy to run away from the lion. Was he worried about repair? No, the blood supply in his gut was shut down, but now that he’s safe and away from the stress, his system can switch back on and return to normal. He is now eating, his heart rate has slowed down, and his digestive system is functioning again.

This is the Resistance Stage – the Second Phase, in humans the body tries to go back to homeostasis, which means it is trying to regulate itself and be like the gazelle, finally being able to relax, eat, rest and digest. If the stress levels remain high, your body gets depleted, because the purpose of the stress response is to get energy into the blood and energy into the body, and if you keep depleting your stores of energy you’ll end up doing damage to your body systems.

That brings us to the Exhausted Stage – Phase Three

This is when your body no longer has reserves. When you’re just running on cortisol. Remember, the thyroid regulates metabolic functions. in fact, it regulates how cells reproduce themselves and how most of the metabolic processes go on in the body. The byproduct of a thyroid metabolic state is carbon-dioxide and water, so when you take a huge breath in and then let it out, you release acids by releasing carbon-dioxide. If you’re in a cortisol mediated metabolism or metabolic response the byproduct is lactic acid. This acid breaks down tissue. In a short term stress event this is okay because we need fast energy to get moving, but if you are constantly in a cortisol mediated state your body will break down (like the gazelle falling down) and there’s not much you can do to stop the lion catching you.

Again, let’s go back to 1936, when we knew about chronic stress causing high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, and we knew that chronic stress damaged tissues, cells and organs, and we now know that chronic stress causes Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. So now you have to wonder about our hospitals which are filling up with people who don’t need medicating! They need a Stress Management Plan.

These people have heart disease, clogged arteries, depression and anxiety. Question: if we give them a chemical while they are in a state of stress does that make them healthier or sicker?

According to the Journal of AMA, we are suffering from Man-Made Diseases.

This knowledge can save lives. But knowledge is only useful if we do something with it.

The next time you see someone with big bruises everywhere, often these are elderly people, they’re either on aspirin therapy or blood thinners or they’re in a cortisol mediated metabolism state. Remember, the byproduct of a thyroid mediated metabolic response is carbon-dioxide and water, and the byproduct of a cortisol mediated metabolic state is acid. This causes those big bruises everywhere. Next time you see someone who looks like that, you could say, wow, you’ve got a lot of stress going on there. And they’ll say, no, my blood pressure and cholesterol are fine, they’re being held down really well with the medications I’m on. I need to take antacids but really, I’m fine!

Let’s hope this current medical system soon becomes obsolete and goes back to what they are actually good at – Emergency Medicine! Because they are no good at treating these Man-Made Diseases that are caused by Stress.

In the meantime, we can stop this! There is an antidote. It’s called, taking control of your lifestyle. Stress Kills.

I see sick people everywhere I go. I can tell who has a healthy thyroid and who doesn’t. A person with a healthy thyroid will have healthy skin, healthy nails, healthy hair and healthy immune system responses. On the other hand, if they have a low-functioning thyroid, which means they are in a cortisol mediated metabolic state, their skin looks bad, their hair is falling out, their nails are weak, they may even have toenail fungus, but you can see it, they’re everywhere.

The antidote is this. While diet always seems to come first, I disagree. FIRST you have to get rid of the STRESS out of your life! Then and only then will diet help. When you’re stressed you don’t digest.

Vitamins. Our food contains around 50% of the nutrition that it had 50 years ago. Supplements are the support crew, you cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet, but you can ‘support’ a good diet with supplements. Always look for natural plant based supplements, read the labels, in the ingredients list, you’ll be looking for ingredients such as this – Iodine [from organic Icelandic kelp (Laminaria digitata)(stem and leaf)]. A good quality multivitamin that contains Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and minerals. Why? Remember, what does the stress response originally do? What is it’s purpose? How did the stress response help the gazelle run away from the lion? It’s to put energy into the blood, the energy in the blood creates acid, the acid breaks down tissue faster, you lose your hair, you lose your skin, you lose organ system function, you get high blood pressure, and everything else…

The antidote is to FIRST eliminate STRESS, but you’re putting so much energy into the blood that you’re depleting your stores of minerals and nutrients. The antidote to stress is to replace what you’re burning! Just like the gazelle did when he went back to eating the grass.

Thyroid function is not really about the thyroid. It’s actually the canary in the mine shaft.

When you start noticing that you have no energy in the afternoon, you start noticing skin changes or hair changes, know that it’s a problem of cortisol mediated metabolism or a problem with the thyroid.

Some of the other things that are going to negatively affect the stress levels, but also the thyroid – Excitotoxins!

MSG and Aspartame are excitotoxins that cause brain damage.

  • Learning difficulties
  • ADD
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • and many more

There are about 40 different names for MSG, so food manufacturers can hide it. Be very careful when eating processed food.

We know that cortisol is a response to stress. So how does the body make cortisol? What does it use to make it in the adrenal glands? What does it use for raw material? Cholesterol!

When we have elevated cholesterol, we don’t need a drug to lower it, because the body is producing more cortisol, or producing more progesterone, which will protect you from disease. It means that there’s some kind of increase in metabolic responses that the body is experiencing. You don’t just take a drug to lower it. So when we see this type of thing, we can also see excess estrogens. Where is estrogen produced? It’s produced in the ovaries, adrenals, and fat cells. Fat can actually be like a hormone producing organ. So if you’re in a calorie rich nutrition poor environment this is what you get. But we’re also exposed to hormones in meats, plastic containers and birth control pills are estrogen! They’re not benign, they’re a synthetic hormone that’s going to lower the thyroid, increase the stress response, which will increase cortisol which will weaken the immune system.

Processed Sugar! The No. 1 source of calories in all western countries. It causes skin problems and hair loss, think about how many teenagers have acne.

Processed sugar raises estrogen, estrogen levels lower thyroid function, when you lower thyroid function you increase cortisol, when you increase cortisol what do you have? Are you seeing the pattern?

Progesterone to the rescue! They used to think progesterone was a pro-gestational hormone. We now know that progesterone protects you from the negative effects of estrogen, but it also protects us from cancer. It protects us from a lot of different things, and it’s not just for women, men need progesterone too. The adrenals make progesterone, and guess what they use to make it? Cholesterol!

Let’s say you go to a real doctor, one from the future not the one from 2019, and he says you have high cholesterol. Do you know what he’s going to say? He’s going to say, maybe your body is trying to fight cancer. Maybe it’s increasing it to produce more progesterone to decrease any exposure that you have to estrogens – instead of saying, here’s a drug.

PUFA’s (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) – seed oils. In order to get oil out of vegetable seeds you have to mix them with acids, it’s a massive chemical process which produces something toxic to your system, this oil glues blood vessels together, if you glue blood vessels together it also negatively affects thyroid function as well as damaging your arteries.

If you have a diet that is high in PUFA’s, and you have thick blood, what does your pump have to do? Work harder, because the blood vessels which are supposed to be separate start clumping together, if they clump together then they don’t have the same surface area, so they can’t carry the same amount of oxygen, and they can’t carry the same amount of nutrients to the cells and organs.

What is a person diagnosed with if they have to increase the pressure to increase the blood flow to get the same amount of nutrients to the system? High Blood Pressure!

So you go to the doctor from 2019, and he says, here’s a drug to lower your blood pressure. But if you go to a real doctor (from the future) he will say, let’s check your diet, your body is responding with an elevation in blood pressure in order to keep the same amount of nutrients flowing to the tissues.

The ideal ratio of omega fats is 3:1. If man-made it, don’t eat it. The ratio of real food is between 1:1 – 3:1, disease begins at 8:1, but the average western processed food diet is 20:1. Start reading labels and avoid PUFA’s, they are damaging your health. Canola and vegetable oils, margarine etc are not health food.

Remember, the body responds the same way to stress regardless of whether it is:

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Emotional

Fluoride in water decreases thyroid function. Even if you are using natural toothpaste and filtering your water, beware of drinks etc that are made with fluoridated water.

Up until the 1970’s fluoride was used to slow down thyroid function – but then we began to fluoridate our water!

Neurotoxins are causing leaky gut, and finally the medical community are recognising that if you ingest neurotoxins they are going to cause intestinal permeability..

In order to fix the thyroid, I’m going to have to insert a blank here as there’s a whole other article to cover what happens when stress takes out your immune system, so stay tuned for that… in the meantime, a gluten free, dairy free diet will help. When we are in a cortisol mediated metabolic state our digestive system shuts down. We don’t break down the gluten and casein proteins, these undigested proteins become food for the foreign invaders that take up residence in our vital organs while we are in a stressed state and this is a major catalyst for cysts, nodules and tumors not just in our thyroid but in every part of the body.

Iodine! We need iodine. They used to put iodine in bread, but 40 years ago iodine was replaced with bromine because iodine is expensive and it doesn’t have the same shelf life as bromine. Iodine is a key component of thyroid hormones, the thyroid uses iodine to make its molecules, remember 3 molecules for T3 and 4 molecules for T4. Is it any wonder that Iodine deficiency is linked to breast cancer?

Iodine is mimicked by Chlorine, Fluorine and Bromine. Halides like iodine, they compete for your iodine receptors, so in the absence of iodine, the thyroid will start making home-brand thyroid hormones!

This is why we must stop eating commercial bread. When you see kids with bad skin, bad hair, low immune system, their nose is running, we know that it’s an excess histamine response. The answer is to get them off commercially produced food and onto home-made real food using ingredients that don’t contain chemicals and pesticides.

SOY! Oh My Goodness SOY! Soy is toxic! There are thousands of studies linking soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders and infertility, even cancer and heart disease! Soy is my pet hate!

Health effects linked to Soy:

  • Breast cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Infant abnormalities
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Kidney stones
  • Immune system impairment
  • Severe potentially fatal food allergies

Soy is not designed for human beings, unless it is fermented in Miso or Tempe – just don’t eat it! Most of it now is genetically modified and full of glyphosate…

Hans Selye who talked about General Adaptation Syndrome in 1936, talked about how deadly stress is and how most diseases are related to it. We knew this over 80 years ago. Would our world be healthier now if we respected the body’s responses? This was his plan, to fix the General Adaptation Syndrome. Back then however, they didn’t have GMO’s, they didn’t have toxic drugs, they didn’t have fluoride in their water. Selye’s Solution to Stress in 1936 – Living wisely in accordance with natural laws.

Dimensions of living wisely:

  • Adopting an attitude of gratitude toward life rather than seeking revenge for injuries or slights
  • Acting toward others from altruistic rather than self-centered motives
  • Retaining capacity for wonder and delight in the genuinely good and beautiful things in life
  • Finding a purpose for one’s life and expressing one’s individuality in fulfilling that purpose
  • Keeping a healthy sense of modesty about one’s goals or achievements

The top three sound like an affirmation don’t they. It’s about changing your perspective.

When you change the way that you look at things, the things you look at will change

When you change your perception of the environmental stimulus, it changes the brain within. Again, we’ve known about this for 80 years.

Healthy thoughts, healthy food, healthy diet, healthy exercise, healthy nutrients, if you’re not making it, don’t eat it. The optimal diet consists ideally of 80% plants + 15% fats and proteins + 5% wiggle room!


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