Why We’re Not Healing

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The question we don’t ask often enough.

My mother died almost ten years ago. She had 7 autoimmune conditions. Each was treated individually by her doctor and looking back each was like a falling domino.

We could just blame genetics. It would be very easy to sit back and say my health deteriorated because it was in my genes. In my mid-30’s I had food intolerance’s and was suffering from frequent migraines. In my mid-40’s I discovered multiple nodules on my thyroid. I ruptured a disc in my lower back causing sciatica and leaving me with a loss of feeling part of my foot and no feeling at all in my big toe. To top it off, I was beginning to develop arthritis in my hands.

Then came the tipping point. I woke up one day, became conscious and said, “Enough is enough!” I stopped visiting my doctor, the same person who had treated my mother, and I took back my health. Now in my mid-50’s I can eat almost anything I chose to. I haven’t had a migraine in years. My thyroid nodules are gone. I have no pain in my fingers. And yes, while I have sustained permanent damage in my spine, I no longer suffer from lower back pain. No sciatica and feeling has fully returned to my foot.

A miracle you might say? No, not really. Genetics loads the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger.

We are a colony of around 100 trillion cells. If you want to understand how healing really works, you must head to the CBD. Inside a single cell, to the nucleus, you will find your DNA, the library of your genetic code!

Did you know that back in 1953, scientists Watson and Crick discovered the secret of life?

DNA, when unravelled, can be up to two metres long. It has 23 chromosomes from our father and 23 chromosomes from our mother and it contains an entire library of recipes to be used for regeneration.

We’ve all heard the term ‘you are what you eat’. It’s true! DNA is made up of the food we eat. The outside strands of our DNA are made up of polysaccharides or many sugars. Everything we eat is made up of these many sugars. The inside bands are made up of amino acids. Amino acids are a breakdown from the protein that we eat. Then there’s the glue that holds the two together made from minerals. Let me say that again – minerals. The glue that holds our DNA, our genetic library together, is minerals!

Hippocrates said, Let Food be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine be Thy Food, and he had absolutely no idea what DNA was or that it was made up from the food that we eat.

In a world where ‘real food’ is scarce, I often see people pushing trolleys piled high with bottles, cans, cardboard boxes and plastic packets. I look at them and I think, how the heck are they going to reproduce healthy cells with chemicals, plastic and cardboard? The answer is: they won’t.

I’ve read an abundance of books on wellbeing, food and too many with the word “diet” somewhere on the cover. Today, I look at our history, basic anatomy and physiology. Most importantly, I use basic common sense. Yes, common sense. When I finally woke from my food induced coma of nearly 50 years, I discovered that my mother was not a victim of genes, but rather of her environment. This was my light bulb moment. If I changed my environment… I could change my health! It was like someone had handed me the holy grail!

We are constantly being remade according to the pattern of our DNA. DNA is actually a library full of recipes. We have a recipe for making eye cells, they take 1 – 2 days. We have a recipe for new gastrointestinal cells, they take 3 – 5 days. We shed our skin and make new skin in a month, a new liver in six weeks and bones in three months. It’s all according to the blueprint within every cell.

Gut health is all the rage right now, so let’s use this as an example. DNA can’t leave the cell, so it photocopies itself. That photocopy is called RNA. The RNA travels down to another part of the cell called the ribosome. A ribosome is a little factory where new cells are made. In fact, there’s an entire city inside every cell. In the RNA (Ribosome) factory, the new cell is about to be built. Think of it like making a wall out of Lego blocks. The first block goes down, it’s an amino acid, let’s say this one is tyrosine, then the next block goes down neatly fitting together, this one is another amino acid, let’s say this time, phenylaniline, then the next amino acid, methylamine, followed by lysine, all fitting together nice and neatly according to the recipe for gut cells. The factory works hard and then, every 3 to 5 days, out pops your brand-new gastrointestinal cell.

What about someone with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastritis or IBS? If that is the case, how come these people don’t grow new cells and heal?

Let’s look at how an IBS cell is made. The DNA photocopies itself from all the information stored inside. The RNA travels down to the ribosome factory. What happens in that factory that is different from the scenario above?

The first brick goes down. It’s tyrosine, then we’re ready for the next brick, but the recipe book is missing a page, meaning the information is missing, what now? Meanwhile a rogue cell, say a jagged piece of material made from chemicals or heavy metals comes along. The body doesn’t recognise it, it’s just floating around looking for somewhere to land. It sees a gap and in it goes, lamely attaching itself to the block. Now the brick wall is ready for the next block, methylamine, it tries hard to fit up against the rogue cell, but it doesn’t click in like it should because it’s all jagged. To make matters worse, this person is short on minerals (aka glue). Half stuck, it’s left hanging there like a five-year old’s loose tooth. Then another page is missing from the recipe book, and another rogue cell jumps in. Then every 3 – 5 days out pops a new, ugly and dysfunctional IBS cell. Oh great, you wanted a beautiful brick home with all the finishes, and instead you have a shanty box… with smashed windows and a homeless man sitting on the front steps. The bottom line here is that if the factory workers can’t read the damaged blueprint, the new cell won’t be built right. Before you build anything, you need a plan. If the plan isn’t drawn up correctly then the building will most likely collapse.

So what causes this mutilation to our DNA? Research says 90% of DNA damage is caused by mineral deficiencies. Greens have the most minerals of any plant, even when cooked, they only lose mineral content if you throw out the water they were cooked in. Fast food is a no-brainer, but even people who eat the recommended amount of vegetables are still deficient because they are grown in soil that is over farmed and full of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Farms were once composted between rotating crops. Sadly, this is no longer happening. Soil deficiency means plant deficiency which in turn means human deficiency.

50 years ago, we had 50% more nutrients in our food. The reason for this is due to the introduction of glyphosate here in Australia. Wheat is grown with roundup, and wheat is in everything. A man in the United States was only recently awarded $82 million for damage caused by glyphosate, but we are still using it to grow food.

Fantastic, we can just blame the fact that our food is poisoned with chemicals and use that as an excuse, right? Well that’s up to you to decide, but keep in mind there are other factors that can also cause ill health and disease. And unless you’ve had your head in the sand since 2008, one of them isn’t going to be a shock. Yes, I’m talking about sugar.

Crystallised processed chemical sugar (not honey, dates or pure maple syrup) has no nutrients. Processed sugar is acidic. When it enters your body, it does so as a toxic acid and it pulls minerals out of your system in an attempt to calm down the toxic acid effect being caused. Processed sugar is a naked substance, it has been completely stripped of all its nutritional content, but it leaves your body all sparkly and fully dressed in all your minerals!

This is the reason why gut health protocols have become such big business. Foods containing bone broth and smoothies made with leafy greens are full of the very minerals that repair your DNA. They literally put the pages back into your recipe book, so your DNA can once again start photocopying quality recipes to send down to the factory workers so they can read clearly how to put those building blocks together in the right sequence to make new healthy cells.

My recommended diet: 80% plants, of those 50% should be raw, 15% fats and proteins with 5% wiggle room (healthy wiggle room).

I get that food isn’t cheap, but with a little bit of forward thinking and a well-planned menu we can get what we need to recover our health. Local farmer’s markets are popping up everywhere and buying directly means you are not only doing yourself a favour, but you are supporting hard working farmers and their families as well.

Knowledge is Power. Lack of Knowledge is Lack of Power.

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