Coaching Sessions Suspended

Thank you for your interest in a coaching session.  At this time I have suspended this service.

The lack of consistent coaching appointments has forced me to return to my previous line of work in the business and finance industry.  I found myself sacrificing my family’s needs because I cared about those who were struggling to find answers and help.  But there came a breaking point when my own family began to lose their health, and I once again saw the handwriting on the wall that said I needed to do something different.

It was a difficult decision to make but I knew that I could never compete with the quick fix that allopathic medicine offers along with the convenience of processed food products when living life in the fast lane, as most people do today. This has resulted in me having to choose an alternative.  When I was offered an opportunity to return to the business I had been employed by prior to my crash in 2010, I jumped at the chance and I am very happy I did.  My batteries are being recharged through work and the compensation that has gone hand in hand.

I will continue to leave my Facebook page open and spend a few hours there a week sharing what I have time to give, but I feel this can no longer be a priority of my time.  If you would like to join me on Facebook for support, you are most welcome to follow.

Thank you to all who have supported me, and continue to support me along this very special journey.

I will also continue to maintain my blog, writing posts that inspire others to take control of their life, so please take a few minutes to sign up, you will receive a free e-book as a gift, and an email only when I post a new article, which isn’t that often these days…

I wish you all the best on your journey to find better health.  It truly is life changing.

Cheryl Stevens FNC CGP